Drop-In Bedliner

One of the main things people use to make decisions about any purchase is the cost.  When operating on a budget, a drop-in bedliner is going to be the overall cheaper option in the short-term.  The bedliner will arrive to you like a plastic sheet made of a polyethylene composite.   It is a rigid structure which models the contours of your vehicle.  It can be easily attached inside the truck bed which is why it is referred to as a drop-in liner.

Many liners on the market today are designed to protect the entire bed of the truck.  You’ll also be able to choose whether you want a style that goes under or over the rail at the top of the bed.


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The BedRug is the most unique and innovative truck bed liner on the market. Despite the plush appearance, the BedRug is NOT carpet but rather 100% polypropylene (basically plastic), making it rugged enough to stand up to any punishment you put it through and at the same time, it's gentle enough to protect your most precious cargo. From gravel and cinder blocks one day to antiques and camping equipment the next, the BedRug handles it all.


BedTred capitalizes on the positive qualities of a spray-in liner without all of the negative limitations. It is designed with 3/4" of closed-cell foam padding to provide impact resistance not available with spray-in liners. This protects your truck bed, your cargo, and your knees when climbing in and out of the bed. The textured TPO composite shell is UV resistant so it won't chalk or fade like many spray-in liners and it provides superior skid protection for your cargo. The non-abrasive backing will not damage the finish of your truck bed.

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